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Update on Surgery for young Susan!

Great News!! 
Susan and her escorts finally made it to Kenya for her leg surgery and therapy. It was on the 3rd border visit that they were successful in crossing over. The first 2 times the border agents demanded excessive bribes, and they turned around and went back to the Ugandan refugee camp. After crossing the border without incident they spent one night in Nairobi and departed the next day for the hospital in the city of Kijabe, Kenya. She was accompanied by 2 other South Sudanese Christians from Uganda, and met by a sister in Kenya who had arranged everything for their transport, lodging, meals and hospital visit.
The damage to her foot and ankle when she was an infant was extensive, so the surgeon ultimately decided to amputate below the knee in preparation for an eventual fitting for a prosthetic leg. The surgery and post surgery therapy were completed successfully, and she spent about one month recuperating in the hospital. The doctor fitted her leg with a metal brace to hold it in position during the healing process.
She then returned to Uganda to give the leg and the wound several weeks to heal and for the swelling from the surgery to subside. Right before Christmas she is scheduled to return to Kenya to have the metal brace removed, and for approximately three weeks of therapy followed by the fitting of a prosthetic leg, and then the physical therapy necessary after that to teach her how to walk on the leg and care for the wound.
We had received sufficient donations to pay for the initial trip, the surgery, and the initial therapy, but the upcoming/ongoing care and fitting of the prosthetic leg will cost close to $7,000, and we will appreciate any assistance with that.
Thank you for helping us to change this young woman’s future and to bless her life. She is very, very grateful!

About Susan:

This is Susan Achien. The woman in the photo is her late mother, who was a Christian, and who passed away in 2020. Susan is a 13 year old South Sudanese orphan who lives in the Bweyale Refugee Camp in Uganda.  Her right leg was badly damaged from an accident as an infant. She is unable to walk on this leg and has daily pain from the injury. She struggles to find work to buy food or medicine because of her handicap.  The Sudan Project supports her through the oversight of one of our trusted and supported preachers for life’s basics, and now we are going to arrange surgery for her leg to improve her future. This will allow her to be able to walk, live with less pain, and be able to someday support herself. Our goal is to raise $15,000. The money will be used for her to travel to the hospital in Kenya, pay for the surgery and therapies she needs, and have food, lodging, and medicine. Surgery and follow-up therapies are expected to require she stay in Kenya for 75-90 days. Additional funds raised beyond surgery and treatment costs will provide her with clothing, food, and the opportunity to go to school. The Sudan Project will oversee all funds and work with the known and trusted preacher who will accompany her to Kenya from the refugee camp as her guardian. Prayers… and all donations, large or small will be appreciated!  Please email Barry if you have questions.

Help Us Help Susan!

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